During this webinar on September 28, WESO will present their WESO Toolkit, which will discuss key areas for settlement services like capacity building, quality assessment, data analysis, and resource allocation. The presentation will be given in English with French interpretation available.

Five Compelling Reasons to Participate:

  1. Elevate your hybrid services: Acquire the skills to utilize WESO quality assessment tool effectively, ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of your services.
  2. Propel your professional growth: Develop your expertise in data collection, research methodology, and statistical analysis. By mastering these skills, you’ll be equipped to evaluate your hybrid services more comprehensively.
  3. Optimize resource allocation: Discover the most effective allocation of your organization’s resources, enabling you to enhance and sustain customer satisfaction.
  4. Earn recognition: Upon successfully completing the program, you will receive a certificate of completion, validating your newfound expertise in hybrid service evaluation.
  5. Lead the way: Join a league of forward-thinking settlement service provider organizations committed to pioneering a new era of performance measurement and evaluation.

Would you like to know if your hybrid service delivery is effective? What’s working? What’s not? What do your clients think? WESO is here to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to enhance your services for newcomers.
The best part? The WESO Toolkit Training is completely online and free of charge for all Settlement Service Provider Organizations!

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