By sharing relevant resources, we want to help all settlement and integration service providers in Atlantic Canada be at the top of their game when serving immigrants and refugees.

If you are looking for something specific and can’t find it on our website, check out, a bilingual National Settlement Sector Community of Practice (CoP) where staff, leaders and those in related fields can learn, share, connect and collaborate. A real treasure trove!


You may have noticed that professionals in the sector use a lot of acronyms!

To help you navigate this alphabet soup, we’ve created this handy list. Keep it close, you might need it!

Research Guidelines

We’ve created this document to help you ask the right questions as you consider your next research projects.

Feel free to also use our MOU template and our Confidentiality Form template.

Professional Development

Through our Professional Development (PD) events, we provide front-line settlement workers, managers and team leads with the latest knowledge, skills and expertise regarding the settlement and integration sector.

Here is what ARAISA PD sessions bring to the sector:

  • Organizations are better equipped to serve immigrants and refugees
  • Newcomers’ settlement needs are better known and responded to
  • Staff are better supported and guided
  • Responsive and professional programs are created
  • Good practices and knowledge are shared
  • Capacity is strengthened across the region


of participants were satisfied or very satisfied*


indicated that the course was useful and related to their work*


said that the facilitators were effective and helped them learn*

“The content shared was extremely relevant and useful.”*

“It was one of the best courses I’ve taken so far.”*

*Based on the evaluation of the March 2021 online course: Demonstrating Value – Promoting Excellence: Introduction to Evaluation and Performance Measurement.

Past Professional Development resources

You can also browse the Courses on to find training sessions on a specific topic.
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Report: Trauma & Resilience-Informed Approaches to Mental Health – October 2019
Report: How Best To Support Immigrant Youth – November 2018
Report: Connecting Community Connections – November 2017
Report: Resettlement Assistance Program PD – December 2016


 ARAISA is pleased to provide the settlement sector with valuable content webinars to assist you in your work with newcomers.

Check out the recordings that are available for you to watch anytime!

Grab a coffee, a pen, and a notebook, sit comfortably in your chair

and learn something new!

Reach and engage with non-traditional clients

A 2-part webinar to help you reach and engage with non-traditional clients in the settlement and integration sector!

A Respectful Workplace during COVID-19

A series of 3 webinars to help maintain respectful workplaces during COVID-19. You can now watch the recordings!

Mental Health Webinars

Learn more about dealing with vicarious trauma and about effective workplace self-care practices!

If you really love webinars, you’ll find lots more at! (Please note that you will need to log in to access the resources.)


Each event and research initiative that we conduct, or are a partner of, leads to a report. And because we know you don’t always have the time to read a 40-page document, we try to keep it short. To make it even easier for you, we’ve summarized some reports as infographics!

Virtual Atlantic Immigration Pilot Consultation

Service Provider Organization Consultation
ARAISA, December 2020
Download Report

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot: Learning and Strengthening Together

Service Provider Organization Consultation
ARAISA, February 2019
Download Report | Download Infographic

Settlement Program Priorities for the Atlantic Region

ARAISA and Société Nationale de l’Acadie(SNA)
Fall 2018
Download Report

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Meeting, Summary of Participant Recommendations

ARAISA, April 2018
Download Report


We’ve created a library to compile resources relevant to the settlement and integration sector in the Atlantic. You’ll find reports, articles, data, etc.