About Innovating for Impact


After the experience of the first cohort, the project team is excited to launch the second season!

The goal of the project is to help service provider organizations increase newcomers’ sense of belonging by considering new pathways, tools, and approaches to our work.

The project, funded in 2021 by IRCC, was launched by ARAISA and Inspiring Communities as a two-year capacity-building program for settlement agencies in the Atlantic Region. This project is designed for individuals who work for an IRCC-funded agency in Atlantic Canada (Francophone, Anglophone, and Bilingual organizations).


The project is structured in 3 main phases

What are participants learning?

  • Discovering Social Research and Design, outcome measurement, and developmental evaluation tools to support innovative approaches to their work
  • Collaborating with peers in the region and across organizations in the sector
  • Turning ideas into real projects supported by project funding 
  • Supporting newcomer’s sense of belonging through a participative, experiential learning approach



Program Timeline

To learn more about the project: impact@araisa.ca