About the project

Better Together is a project funded by the government of Canada’s Migrant Worker Support Program.

The purpose of the program is to provide migrant workers with accurate information and access to available services and support and to assist them in learning about and exercising their rights while in Canada. The funding will serve the best interests of Migrant Workers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edwards Island.


 The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Increase migrant workers’ awareness and understanding of their rights and responsibilities through educational activities and/or educational material;
  • Empower migrant workers to exercise their rights by providing or assisting in accessing services available to them;
  • Foster inclusion and welcoming of migrant workers through social, cultural, and/or recreational events;
  • Support migrant workers during emergency situations. (on a case by case basis);
  • Foster new partnerships or leverage existing partnerships/networks to support migrant workers;
  • Develop and implement coordinated approaches among community organizations, and/or build their capacity and knowledge to provide resources and services to migrant workers.

Project Timeline

Temporary Foreign Workers: Position in the Maritimes

This map shows the location of approved Temporary Foreign Worker positions in the Maritimes, over the most recent 12 months for which data is available, according to Employment and Social Development Canada data on Labour Market Impact Assessments.
Published on December 9, 2022

Useful Resources

Gap Analysis – Information and other services provided to migrant workers in the Maritimes
Temporary Foreign Workers Your Rights Are Protected



Our Partners

Our partners provide services and support to migrant workers across NS, NB, and PEI. For any assistance or information, please contact the organizations in your area.

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island


                  Cooper Institute                                            PEI Community Navigators

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In November 2022, ARAISA held a two-day stakeholder event in Moncton, NB that brought together thirty-five stakeholders, community organizations, settlement service agencies, ethnocultural associations, and provincial and federal government representatives. The event provided an opportunity for the participating stakeholders to engage in discussions on outreach strategies, service project activities, good practices, and related resources.